We are a place:          

  • where spiritual practices are taught, practiced, and valued. 
  • where people learn tools and skills that will help them grow, heal and live life with purpose.
  • that celebrates, respects and values inclusivity and diversity. Your background, race, gender, orientation and spiritual journey are welcomed and celebrated here.
  • that values and promotes healthy relationships with others and with creation.
  • where people are invited to become open, receptive and more trusting of what’s moving deep within them as they attend to the inner Voice of Love.
  • that facilitates people engaging in meaningful conversations.
  • where people are companioned as they listen to their deepest, and most authentic voice.
  • where the Sacred (Creator, Voice of Love, God) is experienced more than explained.  Some of what we offer is filtered through the Liberal Christian lens and the Contemplative and Mystical Christian tradition, but we also offer classes, programs and events that are more accessible to people of all or no faith background where we are careful to use neutral and inclusive language.
  • that offers creative and experiential worship where we seek to live the questions, nurture hope, engage our minds and hearts, and find inspiration in the Christian story. 

WayPoint is funded through a generous grant from the Pacific Mountain Region of the United Church of Canada and is an emerging ministry of Eagle Ridge United Church.