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It’s finally happening, the days are growing longer and the flowers are returning.  Spring is in the air.

Spring is usually a time to declutter the closets and drawers that have become catch-alls, clean the blinds and curtains, wipe down the baseboards, tackle the projects that you have been putting off and give the trashcan that much needed scrubbing out. 

I have to confess, I kinda like the feeling of a fresh start.  There is something about throwing open the windows and shaking out the dust that is good for the soul.   A chance to declutter and organize is always satisfying to me.

Spring is also a good time to declutter our lives so we can be in a better space to move forward. If you need some help with that, sign up for “Reclaim Your Life”.  We have a blast as we sweep out the old so we can welcome in the new.