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Sometimes your mind is a mess!   You’re so anxious, worried, or caught up in trying to juggle so many things, you can’t focus. 

I know the feeling! 

There’s the stuff you GOT to do, and then there is also the things you SHOULD be doing but you can’t find the time or the motivation to get anything done!  It can feel overwhelming and sometimes even paralyzing.

It’s time to do a “brain dump”.

What is that?

A brain dump is like cleaning out and organizing a closet or “dumping” out the contents of your purse or backpack so you can organize it better.

Brain dumping helps organize the clutter in your mind into workable pieces, which are easier to resolve than a tangled mess.  It helps to process your thoughts and it provides mental clarity.

There are lots of approaches to brain dumping.  Some people enjoy free-writing, some make lists, and some use mind-mapping.  I teach some of those techniques in my retreats and classes. 

A spiritual way of coping when life seems to be getting you down, is to write a letter to God (Higher Power, Voice of Love).  Pour out your heart and tell God what is gnawing at you.  Don’t censor yourself.  God can take it.  If you don’t believe me, read the Psalms.

Once you’ve written down everything, visualize holding your hands open and figuratively releasing each problem or issue to God.  This often brings a sense of peace or at least quiets down the issues that are plaguing you.

A Brain Dump is a great self-care practice. There is nothing like the sense of peace that washes over you after you have organized and tamed your thoughts.