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It’s no secret, this year has been challenging.  It’s taken lots of energy to adapt, to pivot, and to meet the steep learning curves, not to mention navigating all the stress and anxiety.

After a very turbulent year, we’ll need to accept that this year Christmas will be different too.  We may need to give ourselves permission to try new things and create new traditions, instead of being focused on what we can’t do and who we can’t be with.

We may also need to give ourselves permission to be sad and to grieve.  Not everyone is going to be excited and cheery as Christmas approaches.

We hope you’ll join us on the 17th for the All is Calm Online Service that creates some quiet space before all the celebrations.   We’ll be acknowledging the pain and losses we faced this year and we’ll also be offering some comfort and hope. 

Please come as you are. All are welcome. We are looking forward to you being with us.

Merry Christmas everyone,