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One of my favorite Celtic spiritual practices is the circling prayer.  Circling prayers known as Caim prayers are used to create a ring of love, blessing and protection around one's self or around others.

The one I like to use when I walk in nature comes from St. Columba:

"Bless to me the sky that is above me,

Bless to me the ground that is beneath me,

Bless to me the friends, furry, feathered or fronded - who are around me.

Bless to me the love of the Three Deep within me and encircling me.  Amen"

I often pray over my calendar asking Spirit to circle me and guide me to create healthy boundaries so I can steward my gifts and the blessings in my life well.  I ask Spirit's help to ensure I have energy for my family and friends because I have such a passion for my work, I can easily give too much of my energy to my vocation. I also ask for help to ensure I have time for my wellness and spirituality.  All too often the self-care practices are the ones I drop when life gets busy. 

Circling prayers help us invite Spirit's encompassing presence into the circumstances we face and the issues we care about.


Thank you to June Wong from Unsplash for the free photo.