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As the health crisis continues on, I am realizing how much I value practicing my faith in community.  Like many others, I miss meeting in-person terribly.  My heart aches and yearns for the day we can again gather in-person.

I have my own spiritual practices/disciplines that I do on my own, but I also enjoy gathering with others.  There is nothing like being deeply listened too and affirmed or having my vulnerability tenderly held.  I am so glad that technology has allowed us to at least gather online.

As human beings, we need a sense of belonging in order to thrive and become resilient.  Not everyone has a solid belonging within their families and not everyone lives near their families.  Some have little to no family.  So, community is very important especially during times like this.

Healthy community is where we are encouraged to be our best selves, but also a place where there is grace and understanding when we have not been.  I know I have been given hope, and a reality check, especially on those really rough days when I am fearful, discouraged, disillusioned or just plain frustrated with this health crisis.

In spiritual community I have been awaken to the essence of who I am, affirmed for my gifts, and supported to achieve my purpose even on the days when I felt no fire.   In community I have learned to be the woman I am.  I learned I am enough.  I learned how to stand up for myself and how to gently nurture connection. 

Today I give thanks for all the spiritual communities I have been part of.  Your love has shaped and formed me.

Blessings beautiful ones!