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Contemplative Photography is more than just snapping pictures, it about receiving the gift of the images. 

Start by slowing down, clearing your mind, and tuning into your environment.  Just be present to the colors, light, stillness, texture, and patterns.  When something captures your attention, use your camera to capture that moment. The emphasis is not on the final product but rather capturing what you see with your heart. 

It’s a discipline that requires us to stay open and receptive for that divine spark that grabs our attention. 

If you’re like me, I am often in my “head” when I am out walking. I might be processing my day or figuring out my next day (or week, or month, or year) or planning my next program.  It takes practice to be mindful, to fully bring my awareness to my environment and fully engage it. 

One of the gifts of this past year is I have found the space and time to do more walking on my own. I have enjoyed being present to nature and capturing images of my walks.  Later I can engage the photo's on my computer and ponder how the Divine is speaking to me.  

I hope you will have some fun with this practice.  Just stay open to the process and don’t worry about the final product.   Like all spiritual practices, it takes time to develop.