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I read a recent article in a magazine about the importance of creativity.   Apparently, finding a creative outlet can improve brain function, mental health, and physical health.  It can boost our immune system, reduce dementia and make us happier.  Sounds great!

Creativity can be stimulating, which is so important especially as we age, to ward off apathy and depression which can eat away at our quality of life. 

Creativity doesn’t mean you have to be “crafty”.  Creativity is a form of self-expression which could take the form of gardening, cooking, wood working, singing, dancing, writing, and so on.  Don’t be afraid to tap into your inner artist and discover what creativity wants to be expressed through you.

Creativity is also a spiritual practice.  It can be very meditative.  Being creative requires us to slow down and become present to the activity. Then the creative process seems to emerge from a place deep inside us.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to “lose myself” in the creative process and time seems to just disappear as I am absorbed in my practice.  I always feel better after some creativity is expressed.

I know my participants in my workshops and retreats enjoy being creative and are often delighted with what emerges when they are open to inspiration.  This spiritual practice helps us to play and rest from the dominate left-brain activities that modern life requires from us.

Check out our Fall classes.  Lots of creativity to explore!