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When I was little, I hated “being still and quiet”.  To me it always seemed like this request was something adults screamed at me when they were tired and cranky, so I connected “being still” with being punished. 

Stillness was a concept that escaped me even as a young adult.  I had a fulltime administrative job and a part time job as a trainer. Even when I was sitting down, I was still multitasking. The thought of cultivating stillness was imagining myself absolutely bored out of my mind.

All of that changed when I became seriously ill in my mid-twenties.  I was lost in the jungle of parenting.  I was entangled with incessant worrying, and planning and I was busy striving to keep up with the expectations of others.  In a deep way I forgot who I was, I forgot my connection to the earth, and I was divorced from my purpose. 

To survive and thrive, I had to learn to “let go” and “let be”.  I didn’t know that cultivating stillness would help me connect to the Holy. 

I wasn’t a very religious person at the time, but as I grew in my ability to be still, I became aware of a very intimate presence.  A loving presence that was tender, and compassionate.  A presence that would help heal my deepest wounds.  A presence that would help me thrive despite my circumstances. A loving presence who helped me find the courage and the strength to nurture my path.

Isn’t it time you cultivated some stillness in your life?  Isn’t it time to surrender and let go and allow yourself to be bathed in love?  Isn’t it time to get to know your own heartspace?