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We have navigated the ebbs and flows of this pandemic to the point of exhaustion. We are weary from all the months of fear and ambiguity.

And now as COVID vaccines continue to roll out, and case counts lower, we’re finally facing the reality of a post-pandemic life.

 Although we are exited to get back to "normal", I am also aware that we are exhausted!  It's been a tough year.

Maybe it's time to focus on your renewal.  How will you do that? What will you do to renew your energy before you have to face the complexities of life?  Is it a "mom-vacation" with your girlfriends?  Or a camping trip?  Or a wellness program to help you focus on your health goals after a year of over-indulgence?  Or perhaps just a chance to play and enjoy life with your loved ones.

If you live in our area, join us Tuesdays in July for "Recharge Your Spirit".  It's a weekly sacred pause to help you relax and connect with others.  

Hope to see you soon!