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Journaling or writing as a spiritual practice helps us explore our deepest questions and express ourselves in safe ways.  Writing has the power to heal our wounds, open our hearts, provide deep insights, untangle our thoughts and foster new awareness. We can venture back into the past, envision the future, reflect on the present, explore our desires, or work out our challenges just by writing.  It’s a powerful meditative tool.

Julia Cameron taught us the importance of writing three pages every day.  Simply keep your hand moving and hang out on the page.  Allow yourself to be petty, whiny, scared, excited, adventurous or happy.  Just write!

And I know what you’re going to say . . . “But Sue, I don’t have time to write!”. To help yourself dismantle your sense of victimization around time  -- write for 5 minutes a couple times of week to start.  Do it early in the morning, late at night, on your coffee break, during lunch, or in the car while your kids are at their activities. 

You don’t need a “nest” or a candle lit or the perfect environment.  Just start writing.

Want some help?  Join us for one of our retreats.  I always include some form of free-writing.