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It’s weird, but in a way, I am finding a new normal during this pandemic.  

Within this new normal, I am finding precious gifts.

One of the gifts of this time, is that I am been able to take part in all kinds of wonderful online courses, webinars, masterclasses, retreats, events and conferences. 

I’ve connected with people from all around the world and I have taken classes with some of the people I admire the most.  Normally, I wouldn’t be able to attend these classes, workshops, or conferences because the cost of attending would be prohibitive to me.  I can attend a workshop Saturday morning in Ireland and be part of a gathering in Australia Saturday night.  Kinda blows my mind!

I’ve been interacting with people from all around the globe because online events encourage a wider audience.  It’s been amazing to go into a “virtual coffee room” and just chat with others.  I know I have been blessed with these encounters and I’ve had some really deep and insightful conversations.  

At WayPoint, we are being encouraged to continue to offer online courses long after the pandemic has been dealt with.  Like me, our participants are also enjoying learning and connecting while staying in the comfort of their own home.

I hope you’ll join us soon for one of our events, workshops or programs!