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 Did you know that laughter can be a spiritual practice?

Laughter can distract us from our challenges, fears, and pain.  It can lighten our emotional loads and can diffuse anger quickly.  It can ease anxiety and tensions and improve our moods.

Laughter is good for our physical health.  Laughter can boost our immune system.  It can trigger endorphins and it can decrease stress hormones.  It can be used for pain relief.

Laughter can strengthen our relationships and help us relax and recharge.  It’s good for our mental health.

How to practice laughter as a spiritual practice?

  • watch a funny video every day or tune into a funny show on TV;
  • hang out with playful people;
  • laugh at yourself and at life’s absurdities and journal about what you found hilarious in your week;
  • engage in laughter yoga;
  • host a game night;
  • goof around with your kids;
  • find an online game you can do that makes you laugh;
  • play!

Go ahead, make a joyful noise! I dare you!