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The pandemic has disoriented some us, demotivated some of us, and distressed all of us.

Covid-19 has challenged what we believe threat and danger looks like. It has obliterated our false sense of stability, security, and purpose.

We have encountered boredom and struggled with low productivity and met our shadows. We have battled with loneliness and social isolation.  We have missed our loved ones terribly!

Covid-19 has even stolen those beautiful moments that arise from simple connections with coworkers, neighbours, and hundreds of others we encounter week-to-week.

The pandemic has brought such devasting loss to so many.  It seems almost incomprehensible.  We have felt powerless and helpless at times.

We need to face that this virus isn't going to be conquered anytime soon. 

One of the things we can do to thrive during this time is to begin to explore and discover what our passions are.  What our purpose is. Please believe you have wisdom, skills, and spiritual gifts to contribute.  I discovered my purpose when I was extremely ill in my 20’s and I think I did some of my best spiritual work during this difficult time.  So if you are breathing, know that you matter! 

It’s perfectly normal to experience some distress as we face into the uncertainty of life right now, but one of the best ways to get through this time is to focus on things within your control.  Being purposeful has to do with the contribution you can make, not the things you can do.

At the end of each day, ask yourself “when did I feel a sense of purpose?”  Pay attention to those little moments of clarity when life reveals to you what mattered. 

Take heart!  Shakespeare wrote MacBeth, King Lear, and Antony & Cleopatra during a plague.  Isaac Newton discovered and invented amazing things while in quarantine during the Bubonic Plague.  Who knows what creativity, imagination, and inventiveness lies just beneath the surface of your fears.

Remember, if you need a Soulfriend or Spiritual Companion to walk with you as you ponder your purpose, please book an appointment with me soon. 

Blessings on the journey!