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As I prepare for my second workshop on the “Wisdom of the Mystics”, I found myself being guided by Julian of Norwich’s wise words.  Words that were written during the many waves of the “Black Death pandemic” in the Middle Ages. 

Her grace-filled words reminded me that despite appearances, “all shall be well”.  Such comforting words and such challenging words to believe in, especially during raging fires, the ongoing Covid pandemic, and the horrific racial injustices of Canada’s indigenous people. We need her messages of joyful optimism and hope.  We need to be reminded of those who lived through other pandemics and what they can teach us.

Mathew Fox writes “while others were freaking out about nature gone awry, Julian kept her spiritual and intellectual composure, staying grounded and true to her belief in the goodness of life, creation, and humanity and, in no uncertain terms, inviting others to do the same.”

I hope you will join me in October as we explore Julian of Norwich, Thomas Merton, Evelyn Underhill and John Philip Newel’s wisdom.  I give thanks that we have these spiritual guides to light our path during our difficult times.   



photo:  Aditya Chinchure, Unsplash