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One of my favorite spiritual practices is to create a mandala.  If you have taken classes with me, chances are, you have done a mandala or two. 

A mandala is a drawing or a design that is contained within a circle.  Mandalas have been around for at least 2000 years.  They have been part of many spiritual traditions as well as tools used in psychology.  Creating a mandala might be done for spiritual connection, self-expression or as a mindful activity.

When you need to destress creating a mandala is just the thing. It is a divine mindful practice that keeps your hands occupied while your mind settles.  What ever you were worrying about, subsides for a while as you get lost in the process of creating. The process of creating is the whole point.  Thank goodness it isn’t on the final product for those of us who aren’t natural artists!

Creating a mandala makes space for wisdom to emerge.  It is a very personal process that helps you get in touch with your deep self.  If one is receptive, it is a great tool to help you listen to the Divine.

After you have created a mandala, it is important to step back and let yourself reflect on your creation.  You may even want to write down your feelings, your observations, and any intuitive messages you picked up on, so you can reflect on them further.

We are so pleased to let people know that Kevin Hegseth is facilitating a whole course on mandalas in November.  Why don’t you come and join him and let your creative self play and have fun? 



Photo:  Jaysee Sharma, Unsplash