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Someone once told me music is the sound of the Spirit and the expression of the soul.  I won’t claim that all music is spiritual but beautiful music can calm our souls and nourish our spirits.

When I am weary, one of my favorite spiritual practices is to turn on some inspirational music and just lie down and let the music be my meditation.  I love to just let the music wash over me. 

People will often ask me what kind of music they should use for meditation.  I usually respond saying that any music that helps you reconnect to your inner and divine nature as well as to Spirit is the right kind of music. 

Music can be healing, it can uplift the spirit, and it can inspire.  Whatever you listen to, let it connect you to God.  Let it help dissolve the stresses of life and remind you that today’s problems are fleeting. .

"Again, when the mind is doubtful, when the mind drinks deep of doubt-poison, the senses have no capacity to inject faith into the mind. Here also music comes to the rescue." -- Shri Chinmoy