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Meet my panemic coworkers.  At least the ones I share office space with.  

Sometimes they are messy and leave my office untidy, but overall I have enjoyed their companionship during these days of isolation.

They have the best view in the office which sometimes gets me down, but I try to be understanding, since they were here before me.  

I have appreciated them following the health rules and regulations by ensuring they physical distance at all times, but I am a little disappointed when they don't join me for "happy hour" after work hours.  

I have found myself changed and transformed by their positivity. I have noticed a significant drop in my stress since working with them.  I think they are blooming in my presence too.

They seem to choose meditation over yoga.  I keep trying to tell them about the benefits of movement, but so far I haven't won them over.

They are very respectful, I've never heard them gossip behind my back and I've never heard them utter a mean word about anyone else.

Between you and me, I think the pandemic is getting to them.  Hard to put into words really, but I notice the difference in them now that we have worked together for 11 months.  Perhaps they are struggling with some seasonal depression.  The lack of sun is hard on all of us.

I have decided to be positive and send out loving vibes to help them during this stressful time.  I remember that when I first arrived completely tramatized by the news of the pandemic, they were so welcoming and loving to me as I pivoted and adjusted to my new reality.

I will try to listen more.  I know they have been great listeners on many occasions as I vented (or was that raged?) about my circumstances.

I am so grateful for my coworkers who have helped me on this journey!