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I used to view watching movies or reading fiction or fantasy as just a form of escapism.  Which is a wonderful pastime, but books and movies can also help shape our spirituality.  They can shift our perspectives and the Divine can use anything to communicate with us. 

Recently, I watched the movie, My Octopus Teacher.  It’s a story about how a burned-out filmmaker, Craig Foster, forges a soul connection with an octopus in a South African Kelp forest.  

The octopus taught him many things, including how fragile life is.  Foster’s deep connection with nature helped him heal and helped him find purpose.  It also helped him create a deeper bond with his son.

It is a moving memoir, a meditative story about how Foster searches for emotional and spiritual healing within the mystery of the ocean.  Like all spiritual journeys, it was a slow process that required patience, devotion, and daily attention and it required a strong commitment. He dove into icy cold water without scuba gear, he had to hold his breath for many minutes at a time, and the waters were very dangerous especially since he was diving alone.

Although spirituality is not directly discussed in the movie, it does seep into the film. 

If you havn’t seen it yet, I urge you watch Foster’s underwater journey.  It is breath-taking and a beautiful love story that shows us what can happen when we are open to the mystery of life. The photography is mind-blowing, a feast for your eyes and your soul!