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Do you have a place outdoors that is a sanctuary for you?  A place that is restful, healing, and revitalizing? I have a number of these places.  I miss the ones I can't visit right now, but one is close by so I can visit that park anytime I want to.

I love observing the ducks and the geese and what they are up to.  I enjoy walking past ferns, fir trees, and rhodendron bushes but my favorite place to settle is on a bench by the lagoon.  There is something magical about being with the stillness of water.

Over time I have become acquainted with the changes of the seasons I can observe in the park.  I take time to listen to the wind in the trees, the beautiful songs of the birds, and the changing colors of the vegetation.

One of my favorite new spiritual practices is Nature Journaling.  You don't need much to get started, just a journal and a pen or pencil.  I also like to bring some colored pencils with me.  What I like about this practice is it forces me to linger in nature longer than I normally would.  Over time I have fallen more in love with Creation than before and I have found nature to be a good friend during these tumulteous months of the pandemic.

Do you want to learn more about this practice?  Sign up for my online class in May.  I'll help you learn some journal tools that you can take into your favorite sanctuary. Doing this practice daily will leave you changed.

Hope to see you soon!