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I am learning to “pause”. 

Pause before agreeing to take something more on.

Pause before reacting to something someone says.

Pause before writing something I might regret.

Pause before eating an unhealthy snack or treat (that I don't need but I really want).

Pause from my work for a small outdoor break.

I don’t want to be that person who bails on friends and families at the last minute because I took too much on.  I don’t want to be the hero who says “yes” to every request, only to be resentful later.

I am learning to pause before responding, which is saving me lots of grief.

When I rush from one thing to another, I end up skimming over life, and I lose that sacred attentiveness I am trying to cultivate.  

I am learning to pause . . check in with myself . . . and not feel compelled to agree to something I’m unsure of out of fear of hurting another’s feelings.  I’m giving myself some space and time to consider things better.  Doing so honors my commitment to steward my time, energy, and gifts well.  Instead of defaulting to old habits, I am pausing so I can turn off the autopilot and make good choices.

I encourage you to try it.  This week, begin by noticing where you act or respond quickly.  Next time try a “pause”