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Have you noticed how regrets are part of the Covid experience? 

Perhaps you’ve started conversations with “I wish I had . . . (fill in the blank)". Covid gave us lots of time to torture ourselves with our regrets.  I'm here to remind you not to let regret paralyze you, instead use the past to plan the future.  Use your regrets as a teaching tool.

Remember, ruminating about the past isn’t helpful.  It’s ok to acknowledge our feelings, but don’t let it become an endless loop in your mind.  Don’t get trapped in a shoulda/coulda/woulda place.  It’s a miserable place to hang out.  Rewinding time isn’t possible, no matter how much you wish you could go back in time.  Instead ask yourself what you need to move forward.  Be proactive.

If you notice your regret is affecting what you do and say, don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional.  Liberation from regret is possible.

Cut yourself some slack. We all make mistakes.  Forgive yourself.  This human journey isn’t easy!  You probably did the best you could at the time.  Stop beating yourself up and instead lean into the future.