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If you’re like me, you likely have spent some time decluttering your home or organizing your closets. 

Recently a friend sent me a meme that said “That’s Not Mine to Carry” and it reminded me that I also need to declutter my life. Easier said then done!

If you want to quickly do an honest assessment of your life . . . ask yourself what's in your bucket?

In your journal or on a piece of paper, draw a bucket.                

Put a line to mark where your energy level is.                

Write or draw what is in your bucket these days. 

  • What is filling your days? 
  • What is heavy and hard? Color that grey.
  • What is re-energizing? Color that red.                 
  • Under your bucket ask yourself “What is driving me these days?”                 
  • And also list out what is NOT in your bucket.  What do you simply not have time for?  

Now that you have been honest with yourself. Draw another bucket . . . this is your new decluttered life.        Decide what needs to be in your bucket.  The point isn’t to fill up your bucket again but to train yourself to simplify your life and prioritize the things that are important and life-giving and at least examine what is not yours to carry.

And remember, change begins small.