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In Julian of Norwich’s 14 century world of unrest and The Black Death, a world not unlike our own, she speaks of a God of tenderness, compassion and love.

The Black Death, a viral pandemic in England and Europe in the 1300’s, killed 50 million people, 60% of the population and it is regarded as the greatest catastrophe in recorded history.

Today, we need her messages of joyful optimism and hope.  We need to be reminded of those who lived through other pandemics and what they can teach us.

As I read her words “But all things shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”, I am reminded of God’s power to bring good out of chaos.  It settled my heart and reminded me that God is the stillpoint in the storms of life. 

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picture:  The statue of Julian of Norwich on the West Front of Norwich Cathedral, made by the sculptor David Holgate in 2014.