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Did you know that being grounded in spirituality may help people flourish and thrive when encountering hardship, stress and trauma?  In some cases, people will not only handle the adversities, but also learn, grow and be positively transformed by them.

One of the spiritual practices I have recently learned from my Somatic classes, is to root in my purpose.  This helps me surrender to the messiness of life and cope with all this recent uncertainty.  It helps me remember to steward my time, energy and gifts well.  It also helps me move through those days that are challenging.

After my morning meditation or online yoga class, I simply stand, put my hands on my belly and recall my purpose.  I breathe into the knowledge that I matter, and that the world needs my unique inspiration.  This usually brings a sense of aliveness, passion and joy that fuels my wellbeing for the day.

In these times of great change, growing strong roots is critical.  Don’t lose track of who you are and whose you are in the midst of all the demands.  Strike a pose and simply remember you have something beautiful the world needs.