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 A key phrase you may have been hearing lately is “holding space”.  The definition of holding space is to be present with someone, without judgement.

It’s a deep listening practice.  It’s a soul practice of opening our hearts to another offering our loving presence.

It may sound easy, but it’s not an easy practice.  It requires us to put our own needs and opinions aside and just be there for someone.  Letting them have center stage to express what is going on in their lives. Not trying to fix them. Not answering back with information about yourself.  Just listening to them.

We are simply creating a safe space for someone to be heard, seen, and known. Allowing them to say what they need to say.  Allowing them to be who they need to be.  Accepting them where they are at.

Our natural instinct is to want to offer solutions when we see someone hurting or struggling, but when we are holding space, we are just there to listen and support.

A key component of holding space is to create safety for people to be vulnerable with us. To create space for them. We can set the tone by being kind, curious, and ensure our interactions are judgement-free.

It has been my experience that when we hold space for one another, it can ease the pain of another and sometimes lead to deep healing. 



Photo by David Clode, Unsplash