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The Beach

I love the beach.  I can spend hours walking the beach.

There is something about walking barefoot in the surf while listening to the waves lapping on the shore that soothes my soul.  The world seems to fade away as I walk mindfully listening to the sounds of the sea. I’m able to be with my thoughts and process feelings better when I am at the beach.  The soothing seaside sounds quickly reduce my stress and invites me to just relax.

The peacefulness of the beach, especially in the early morning or as the sun sets, makes it a wonderful environment to pray and be grateful.  The ocean always reminds me that I am part of something larger.

It’s so easy to become mesmerized by waves coming in and going out.  I am always struck with joy when I see the seals peeking at me from their watery home.

The more time I spend wandering the seashores, the more my heart opens, and my spirit connects with creation. 

Nature often invites me to switch from a “me” orientation to a “we” orientation as I connect with the world around me.  I am able to see past the divisions we create and I am re-committed to nurture our wholeness.

Being at the ocean invites me to live life with simplicity. It calls me back to my orientation as a spiritual seeker and contemplative. 

I encourage you to make time each day to be outside.  Find your special sanctuary in the “wild”.   Experience your sorrows and anxieties drop away as peace and joy fills your heart as nature calls you back to your true self.