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I love the smell of the ocean.  I always breathe in deeply when I am by the ocean, so I find myself instantly relaxing.

Just sinking my feet into the sand, grounds me. 

Looking at the ocean helps me tap into my creativity.

The constant ebbing and flowing of the water calms me down and activates my parasympathetic system.

While I connect with the water, I try to surrender and leave behind my wants, needs, demands, and try to make space to just enjoy the experience. 

I find this strengthens me and helps me sort out how to deal with current situations in my life.

Connecting with the ocean invites me to discover more about it.  I have enjoyed reading interesting facts about all kinds of animals from sharks and seals to octopuses and clownfish.  

The ocean is part of our vital life system.  It is the foundation of life.  When I connect with this amazing living system, I also lament how we have treated them. 

Spending time at the ocean reminds me to conserve water and keep examining my carbon footprint.  I buy less plastic and reduce waste, and reuse and recycle more.  I educate myself about ocean issues. 


“We protect what we love” Jacques-Yves Cousteau