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Have you noticed how easy it is to go down a “rabbit hole” these days?

It’s easy to get sucked into worrying about something these days, afterall there is so much to be worried about.  That happened to me the other day.  I just kinda hit the wall for a variety of reasons.

Then came the unexpected phone call.  Just a cheery call from a girlfriend who reached out and listened and reassured me just when I needed it. She listened to me vent my frustration and by the end of the call I was filled with hope and zest for life.

Texts are ok.  Emails are lovely.  Phone calls tell me I matter enough to be heard and listened to and there is nothing like being listened to when you’re struggling with something.  Being validated is such a beautiful gift to someone who is in emotional pain or struggling. We all need someone to listen to us, to validate our challenges, and simply allow us space to process what is going on.  We don’t need advice or fixing, we just need to be heard and supported.  It helps to remind us we’re not alone in this mess.

Is there someone who needs a call in your life?