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I used to think of cooking as routine, mundane and at times stressful. Cooking was just not my love-language. Eating was more of a spiritual practice than cooking was for me.

All that changed this year.  Thanks to the pandemic, I have been forced to cook more often and I have more time to create special meals.  Like others, I have also found myself becoming a little more adventurous in my culinary skills. 

I notice when I ask people “what is the best recipe you have discovered?”, people get very animated and want to share their discoveries with me.  For many, creating a special meal or conquering a special baking recipe is a highlight of their week.

I have found cooking can be quite meditative.  As I move from task to task, I am completely engaged. I am intoxicated with the scents and aromas of my meal coming together.  I find myself getting lost in the creativity as I cook.

I hope when this pandemic is over, we don’t return to our fast-paced, crazy life.  Cooking doesn’t have to be a rushed experience or something we do on autopilot. 

I look forward to the day we can gather around a table with people outside of our "bubbles". While the meal is being shared so are the memories, laughter, tears, and stories. May our tables always be icon’s of God’s grace and goodness.