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Over and over I hear from people how unusually tired they are.

I have learned that the pandemic holds us in a prolonged state of trauma. We all boarded the Covidcoaster months ago (against our wills) and didn’t realize we’d still be riding this scary new ride this many months later. In the midst of the pandemic we’re trying to manage and navigate an overwhelming amount of new, competing, and ever-changing information. 

On top of dealing with a very serious health crisis we are also experiencing a financial crisis, mental health crisis, employment crisis, climate catastrophes, racial violence and injustices . . . it’s no wonder we’re exhausted.

Personally we have had to deal with social isolation, loss of freedom, child-care challenges, work challenges, tech challenges and so much adaption in every part of our lives.  Nothing like being on a Zoom meeting when your toddler has just found a Sharpie and is using it to redecorate your living room.     

At this time in history, so much of our lives feel out of control, and with that feeling comes stress and exhaustion. We may be tired of being cooped up, tired of being careful, tired of the unexpected togetherness and tired of being scared.

We can reduce some of this by practicing self-care, getting regular exercise, and connecting with positive supportive friends and family.  We can learn some new coping tools like breathing exercises and meditation.  Remember spiritual practices are amazing tools to help ground us during times like this and bring us hope. 

Maybe it’s time to seek out some help.  Find a safe space to talk about our stress, fears, and challenges.  Find a counsellor, spiritual director, pastor or some other health professional who can support us.  Remember how we respond to stress can depend on our background, social supports, financial situation, health, emotional background, and many other factors.  We’re complex characters.

During this pandemic, it is critical that you recognize what stress looks like, and then take steps to build your resilience.  These are not normal times and we’ve never been here before.  This is all new.  Be kind and gentle with yourselves.  We’re all a little messy right now.

Our Centre provides a wide variety of spiritual support and practices to help you during this unprecedented time.  We want to connect you to others, as well as support you to discover new tools to help you cope, adapt and lessen fear.  We are here to support you spiritually as you navigate your way through this disorienting time of chaos, fear, and confusion.