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Lectio Divine is an ancient form of contemplative prayer, rooted in the Christian tradition. It’s a gentle and yet profound way of reading, reflecting, and  responding to a passage of scripture that helps us get in touch with Divine wisdom and guidance. 

Unlike a bible study, we are not dissecting the passage, instead we are savoring it and ruminating on it and praying with it. It’s allowing the reading to evolve into a meditation. 

Here is the process:

Choose a piece of poetry or a scripture passage that you wish to use.

Prepare - like all contemplative practices, it starts with finding a quiet space. Next center yourself with mindful breathing and allow yourself to come into the Presence of Love.

Listen - read the text slowly and prayerfully, listen for a word, a phrase or an image that stands out to you.

Reflect – Let the image, word or phrase unfold in your imagination. Reflect on what it means to you.  Let your memories, feelings, hopes, and thoughts engage with this unfolding. 

Respond – Approach what has been moving through you with a sense of wonder. Consider what kind of invitation is being extended to you.  Is it an action, an inner decision, a new awareness or a spark of creativity?  I personally like to record my curiosity and wonderings in a journal.

Closing – I like to close with a few moments of silence and simply resting in the Presence of Love.  Some like to pray.  Some offer gratitude for what has been revealed.

Great activity to do outside this summer under a tree or at the beach.