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Wonder Worship is a short, creative, playful time of worship and celebration. It is designed for those with early bedtimes, those who like to play, and those who want another worship time outside Sunday morning. It can also be for anyone who is curious about worship and what we might do at church.

Creativity and play are a huge part of why I am in Children’s ministry. I get to stay playful, especially as I get older! I am always touched by simple stories, and love to share these stories and time with others. I bring these into Wonder Worship. Sometimes fun helps me encounter God. I also see God in the other people. Wonder Worship offers these things for me.

I hope that our Wonder Worship time appeals to those who attend church regularly, and those who are completely new to church. We share a story in a creative way that is easy to hear, easy to understand, and suitable for all ages and stages. It might be a story book, a short skit or another creative way to tell a story. Maybe I will even ask for your help! The story could be a faith story or one about love, kindness or helping others.

Our time together starts with prayer and candle lighting.  Then we introduce ourselves and play a game and do something active.  We follow this with our story, craft time, and maybe show and tell. There will be time to sing a song and join in an action prayer before we are sent off into the evening.

For the craft, we are happy to help you out with materials. If we are using anything special, craft or supply kits will be made available a few days ahead so that you can pick them up at the church, rather than purchase them yourself. I also provide a list of supplies needed so that you can check your home craft cupboard. I provide a variety of activities so that if someone in your home doesn’t love to craft, that’s ok. There are lots of ways for you to enjoy this time.

I invite you to gather your household together and join us. Or grandparents, have your grandchildren join us from their house, and you can be together online with us. Invite your friends and families to join with you online, so we can celebrate together in these times.

Our next Wonder Worship, the Advent Edition, is Thursday, Dec. 6, online from 6:30 - 7:15 pm.  Registration is required. I pray that you will join us. 

With love, Lisa