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When I first began my journey with yoga in the 90’s, I thought of it simply as exercise.  I loved the total work out that yoga gave me and as an ex-dancer, it ensured I stayed flexible and strong.  As a wellness practice it reduced stress and boosted my concentration and gave me an overall sense of well-being. 

Later on, I was introduced to Yoga as a somatic practice. Somatic practices encourage awareness of the body through movement.  Somatic learning makes the unconscious conscious so it’s a good way to do shadow work and process emotions.  

As I continued my practice, yoga became one of my central spiritual practices that helped me connect my mind, body, and spirit.  This ancient practice helped me find inner peace even in the midst of chaos, and reminded me to be compassionate towards myself and others.   Nothing prepared my body to sit in meditation more than yoga and I always left my practice feeling centered, peaceful, and joyful.

As the pandemic rages on, yoga has become one of my lifelines.  This age-old spiritual practice gives my back, hips and neck loving care after way too many hours sitting in front of my computer.  Yoga helps me take care of my nervous system and calms my racing mind and more importantly it helps me connect with the Voice of Love daily.

When I take time every day to connect with Spirit.  My exhaustion and anxiety is transformed into energy and enthusiasm. I feel at peace and in communion with others.  I find meaning and purpose and I remember I am worthy of love and joy.  I find I am full of compassion and I radiate life.

This universal disruption/crisis is an opportunity for us to learn the difference between reaction and response.  To evaluate what is important and worthy of our energy.  To realize self-care is vital not only for our wellness, but essential to process our fear and stress which in turn helps us adapt and meet the challenges.

Today I am grateful for those who teach yoga especially those who are offering free classes online.  Thank you Light Workers.