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You are beautiful just as you are!

Stop worrying about whether or not you have a double-chin when you look at yourself on Zoom.

Put on that bathing suit this year and enjoy the beach as you practice physical distancing.

Put on that sassy dress and don’t listen to your own inner critic’s microagressions.

I wish we could all stop ruminating about what is wrong with ourselves and learn how to rewrite the narrative of “not enough”.

Isn’t it time that we made peace with our bodies?  

Wouldn’t it be great if we could wake up and all those feelings of guilt and shame about our bodies . . . had disappeared?

It’s time to unlearn those patterns of self-loathing and transform our thoughts into self-loving.

There is nothing wrong with us wanting to look our best, take care of ourselves, and be healthy.  I encourage that especially since in another life I was a trainer. 

But I also know that billions of dollars are spent telling us that we don’t look good enough and that we need improvement.  Corporations encourage us to spend our money trying to fix our bodies, stop the aging process and focus on improving ourselves.  I also believe that advertising and marketing has had a powerful role to play in shaping our self-image.  

What if we could befriend our bodies and embrace the idea that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”? (Psalm 139)

The key is not losing weight, running a marathon, or smoothing out our wrinkles.  It’s really about making peace with ourselves. 

Let’s begin the work of changing how we see ourselves.  Let’s start the conversation . . . join me October 24 for my women’s retreat “Cherish Yourself”.    

In the meantime, kick that inner critic in her sassy butt and try looking at yourself in a new way!