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Imagine a workshop that will nourish your wanderlust, without you ever having to leave home (or your couch).  Join us for 4 sessions that will each focus on a different theme and destination.  Our experienced guides will lead you to lands far away, and the sacred to be explored there.

November 3:  Session 1 – What is Sacred Travel & How to make Ordinary Travel Sacred - Facilitated by Rev. Sue Rodgers

In this session, Sue will help participants explore what is sacred travel and discover ways to turn ordinary travel into a sacred experience.  Travelling mindfully is an intentional spiritual practice that helps us move from simply being tourists to being wayfarers who realize the journey is just as valuable as the destination.

Sue Rodgers is the Director of WayPoint, a Spiritual Director and an Ordained United Church Minister:  She has been a traveler for as long as she can remember.  Her Dad worked for one of the major airlines, so she started travelling very young, and learned early on how to open her heart and spirit to a place and its people.  She is passionate about combining travel and spirituality. 

November 10: Session 2 – Holy Land Tour - Tour Guides Rev. Scott and Rev. Jennifer Swanson and Rev. Graham Brownmiller                

The land of Palestine and Israel – often referred to as the “Holy Land” – is sacred space for Jews, Christians and Muslims. For Christians who have read the Bible for years, to walk in the places where the stories of our faith are set, brings those stories to life in a new and fresh way. Following in the footsteps of millions of other pilgrims is also a powerful experience. 

In this session of Sacred Travel, Jennifer and Scott Swanson and Graham Brownmiller will share a few images and stories of their journeys in the land of the Bible. From Caesarea Philippi in the north, where Peter identified Jesus as the Messiah, to the Dead Sea in the south and the ancient sites of Qumran and Masada; from the Roman cities of Caesarea on the Mediterranean and Bet She’an to the Galilee, the Jordan Valley, and Jerusalem, this evening offers a taste of what awaits those who visit this small yet vital part of the world.
Whether your interest is the Bible, history, archeology, or current affairs, this journey offers something for you.

Jennifer, Scott and Graham are all Ministers of The United Church of Canada – Graham in Burnaby with Jubilee United, Jennifer in Port Moody with Inlet United, and Scott on the Semiahmoo Peninsula with Peninsula United.  Their next trip to the Holy Land is scheduled for January, 2023.

 November 17: Session 3 – Walking the Way:  Spiritual Awakening on the Camino de Santiago - Tour Guides Doris Kizinna and Julio Victor Cochoy Alva

For more than a thousand years, pilgrims have walked the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain ending at the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela where the remains of St. James are buried. To this day, pilgrims from around the world continue to make this journey, each person walking for their own reasons.  We will share our experience of that journey through photos and stories and we will guide you in a practice of reflection on the pilgrimages of your life. 

Doris Kizinna is the founder and lead guide for World Pilgrim.  She has been leading pilgrimages since 1997 when she went on her first journey to Guatemala.  She sees herself as a pilgrim in all aspects of her life, savouring the journey, open to the possibilities. She is also a massage practitioner, youth worker, writer and an artist and considers travel one of the greatest privileges of her life.  She lives in Fort Langley, BC.

Julio Victor Cochoy Alva, is an international consultant on social justice. He is Maya-Quiche from Guatemala and has worked with World Pilgrim co-leading most of our tours around the world. His passion and curiosity exploring culture and history brings knowledge and depth to our groups. His favourite thing to do is talking about Healing while enjoying a “beverage” of the country he is in.

November 24: Session 4 - Open Hearts:  Cross Cultural Connection - Tour Guides Doris Kizinna and Julio Victor Cochoy Alva

There is a difference in travelling to see the sights and visit cities like Rome, New York, or Paris and see as much as you can and the experience of settling into a place, building cross-cultural connections with those who live there, and learning about their sacred practices.  The richness of this kind of travel is a spiritual practice itself and a way to build the world that we are longing for.  We will share stories of some very special people we have met on our travels, those who have led us into their communities and their hearts and lead us in Spiritual Practices in Thailand, Bali, and in Guatemala.  We’ll ask you to reflect on someone who has been for you a guide on your spiritual life whether travelling or at home. 

Cost: $125 for 4 sessions (November 3, 10, 17 & 24)

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