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Walking in nature is a simple spiritual practice that can help us de-stress, find peace, and soothe our souls.  

These walks invite you to go out and find peace in nature.  Notice the way you feel when you are outdoors, the things you see, the sounds you hear.  Here is a practice from a previous session of DIY Walks:

As you walk, feel your feet connecting with the earth.  See if you feel the earth transmitting peace to you?  See if you can walk peacefully transmitting peace back to the earth. 

This series of walks has all new practices, so join us again!

Each participant will be sent a weekly email with a reading, and some practices that will encourage you to slow down and connect with your soul and help you go deeper with nature.  These can be done individually or with friends or family.

Cost is $15 for 4 weeks, each email arrives on Monday morning with enough materials to help you connect throughout the week.  

Register on our EVENT page.  Registration closes next week!